The sign is time to refresh your appearance

refresh your appearance

Even the most colourful wardrobe needs to update now and later. This is not only about updating your appearance but also how you see yourself in the mirror. Having a fresh wardrobe can be the key to self-esteem: clothes that look good can also make you feel good about yourself.

Are you doubtful whether it’s time to refresh your appearance? Let’s look at the most worrying signs that it is very urgent to update your clothes.


This is clearly a red flag if you need more than 30 minutes to find clothes even though your cupboard is full slot terbaru. The feeling of “nothing is used” or bored always wearing the same item is often the first sign you need to buy new clothes.

After all, you must have enough clothes that you like, and dressing should not be a struggle. Here are some tips for making your wardrobe more interesting:

  • Get rid of pieces that are not suitable for you anymore (if they don’t look good today, they won’t look good tomorrow).
  • Focus on clothing that serves more than one goal, and it can be used in different seasons.
  • Sort your clothes based on colour to facilitate fast compatibility; Even suggest matches you never thought of.
  • Check if you don’t have too many of the same colours in your wardrobe.
  • You need to take out one of the cupboards for every new clothes you buy.
  • Stop buying or storing “for the future” (for example, traditional “I will save this one for when I lose 10kg”).

refresh your appearance


Your clothes must reflect/serve your lifestyle. If you make the type of “successful female entrepreneur”, it doesn’t make sense to dress like you are a rebellious teenager.

So if you need a long time to choose clothes to wear every day, maybe your cabinet no longer reflects people like now.

Make sure your clothes are “suitable” for life changes (working from home full time, turning careers, becoming parents, starting to date, etc.) and only keep pieces that are still working for this new person.

Remember that it also applies to accessories. Bags or sunglasses with large frames in excessive sizes and colours do not match all lifestyles.


Maybe your favourite clothes are only full of holes, tears, or permanent stains. Even if you decide to keep away a portion of nostalgia (like the band’s shirt that you like), keep in mind that some damage also makes them unveiled.

As a rule, if you cannot fix it, now is the time to get new updated work. Many clothes that are damaged in the wardrobe take space for new clothes and increase the feeling that you don’t have anything to wear.

Take the opportunity to make an inventory to find a lost partner. For example, socks, gloves, or earrings that are alone because you lose others also become unresolved.


Dressing must be a moment of pleasure and inspiration: You must feel good when trying a new combination of your old clothes. If your clothes don’t inspire you anymore, try to involve some coloured items or find pieces that inspire you and allow self-expression through clothes.

One of the best ways to fight the fatigue of wardrobes is to try to combine winter and summer clothes, such as cardigans with jeans or short skirts with boots. It also prevents you from buying too many Slot Online works with every season in mind.

But sometimes, you also have to be radical. Experiment by adding items that you usually don’t wear on your old clothes. You might find that some of them match your style. Also, try a combination that is different from the pieces you wear every day – throw a jacket on a dress, for example. The combination must vary as possible and only depend on your feelings in front of the mirror.


Updating your wardrobe is not as difficult as sounding, and this is the practice that you need to adopt from time to time. After all, the part that made you look amazing a few years ago might not make sense when you look at the mirror today.

If you spend more time choosing clothes than you should, maybe you have more clothes that you don’t like (and therefore don’t use). A good choice can make a difference and add more feelings to your clothes.

Remember that you can donate old pieces (unless they are destroyed, of course) to charity when updating your appearance. People out there will be very happy with the same clothes that you can’t wear anymore.